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Member Technical Staff, Mechanical

Work and grow in a fast paced, dynamic organization with broad and diversified optical systems design and manufacturing capabilities. Ideally suited for those who are technologists by first love. This is a recognized team of optical and opto-electrical systems experts to interact with in a highly collaborative environment.

For a someone that likes to contribute on a broad basis the company is great. Big company benefits in a small divisional setting - no one gets pigeon holed into limited roles. The the management between the two facilities are both aggressive - "get it done" that absolutely support their people. Pretty fun place!
Can get rapid turnaround on candidates here. They will move quickly on someone if they like them. 


The person can live in No. or So. CA - doesn't matter.



Position Description 

Under general supervision with a broad scope of responsibility, performs unusually complex activities relating to the design, testing and evaluation of mechanical and opto-mechanical systems and assemblies for high precision optical and metrology instruments, and manufacturing process and equipment.  

Performs state-of-the-art product development activities on a wide variety of engineered systems with a highly collaborative team Will a shared resource between 2 facilities in Northern and Southern CA.  

Project assignments completed using knowledge of:

  • kinematic design principles

  • precision engineering

  • opto-mechanical engineering

  • material selection

  • thermal analysis

  • finite element analysis for stress, shock and vibration

  • design for cost/manufacturability, to include engineering design with Solidworks or other engineering tools and tolerance analysis. 

Works under consultative direction toward predetermined long-range goals and objectives.  Assignments are often self-initiated.  Determines and pursues courses of action necessary to obtain desired results. 


  • Provide technical leadership in the conceptual system design.

  • Conceptual and detail engineering design and analysis of mechanical and opto-mechanical systems and assemblies, primarily, but not limited to, optics and optical assemblies

  • Perform stress, thermal and modal analysis

  • Perform tolerance stack-up analysis to ensure suitability for manufacturing

  • “Hands-on” ability to assemble and test engineering prototypes

  • Document and present design, analysis and test results

Position Requirements 

B.S. Engr., Physics, Math or related, plus 5 - 11 years of related industry experience 
Desired Experience:

• SolidWorks and Cosmos preferred 

•Opto-mechanical engineering of optical assemblies with nanometer-level wavefront requirements

•Ultra-high Precision Engineering and Mechanics

•Vacuum system design

•Stage / motion control systems design for nanometer positioning

•Design of automated equipment

•Project management and use of Microsoft Project

Required Experience:

•5+ years in mechanical stress, modal and thermal analysis 

•Knowledge of design criteria for mounting and housing optics and the effects of adverse environments on these assemblies
•Opto-mechanical engineering, finite element analysis and finite difference analysis of high-precision opto-mechanical assemblies

•Strong knowledge of metrology and optics

•Flexibility and the ability to work on several diverse projects at the same time

•Design for manufacturability

•Excellent team interaction, written, verbal and presentation communication skills are a must

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