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Kevin Thompson

Group Director R&D/Optics at Synopsys, Inc.


Jay Tome

Program Manager at L-3 Integrated Systems Group

Gary Kennedy

Senior Recruiter at EMC

"Ever since Linda introduced herself to me in 1985, while representing an opening at my now current employer, Optical Research Associates, I have turned to her for every employee that I have added to the optical design and engineering group at ORA. Her expertise in and knowledge of the very small industry of optical design and analysis makes her indispensible if and when someone is in need of a new employee. Since recruiters in general are fighting an intrinsically bad image, I am taking the time to point out that Linda Usher represents everything you could want or even desire from a recruiter in the field of optics. Particularly exceptional is the integrity she brings to the position followed immediately by her knowledge of the people in the field from her 25 years in this very niche industry."

Neil Judell

Partner, Board Member at ID Security, LLC

"Linda Usher is an exceedingly good recruiter. In more than forty years of working in the technology sector, I have come across exactly one other recruiter of whom I would say this.  If you are hiring, you should count on spending a fair bit of time with her discussing your exact needs and expectations. You can then expect her to get you a few resumes. A very few. One of them will be the right person for you. If you are looking for a career move, she will give you impeccable guidance on everything you need to do, as well as to help clarify in your own mind just what it is you want and why. And if it's out there, she'll find it, without dragging you through the usual mess of dozens of inappropriate places."

Charles Drutman

Virtual Reality and Satellite Software Development

"Linda still remains, after nearly 30 years, the only professional placement person I will not hang up on (translation, she's very good at her job)."











"Linda has worked for me twice to construct engineering teams with primary expertise in optics and related fields. She also, at my request, placed me at my current company. Linda is superlative at her work with integrity beyond measure - a rare commodity for her field. I highly recommend her.











"I have known Linda Usher twenty-five years and would not hesitate to recommend her to any candidate or hiring manager. Linda has the highest ethical standards and level of expertise in the Optical/Electro Optical recruiting business. Linda is very well established and truly cares about her reputation with clients and candidates. She goes far beyond understanding the expertise of the candidate and the job description provided by the client. She understands what motivates a candidate to move and can make that happen. She gets the job done."











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