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Senior Optical Engineer



•  Highly motivated individual with a proven track record (7+ years) of innovative work with optical/electro­optical systems as both a technical contributor and project manager.

• A broad optical design skill set is required. Development projects are diverse and require expertise in a wide variety of optically related subjects.


Experience in some or all of the following is desired:

o Lens Design – UV to LWIR, preferable using Zemax OpticStudio

o Illumination Design/Non­sequential raytracing o Radiometry/Photometry

o Physical Optics and Interferometry o Conceptual Optomechanical design

o Enjoys hands­ on work in the lab

o Build and test your own designs

o Experience with optical test equipment (interferometers, autocollimators, spectrophotometers, etc.)


o Degree in Optics or Physics; postgraduate degree is preferred although not necessary.


The company has an outstanding reputation for delivering absolute cutting edge technology and expert design and development of an incredible variety of optical/opto­electrical systems. They routinely design and manufacture new products for customers across all industries. Company is also the world leader in the production of test and measurement equipment for assessing image quality of optics and electro-­optical devices (cameras).



This client is really the tiger team of optical experts. I can't think of many environments that offer this kind of variety and exposure to the top design team in the field. They are an absolute playground for a dedicated technologist and very stable. Anyone that goes there will have huge visibility, and access to the the upper management team;­ it's a small company. The person’s contributions absolutely make a difference. Also, the bureaucracy that often slows the ability to make progress doesn't happen in this place. They work with all sectors of industry and are not dedicated to one line of products which gives them tremendous stability and profitability. As a recruiter, I have a good relationship with them and typically get fast turnaround on candidates. Note again on education ­ Masters is strongly preferred for this position

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